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10 weeks. 3 days per week. Offering Spring and Fall Sessions.

An intensive entrepreneurship program designed to provide you with proven tools, frameworks and skills that winning companies utilize to launch successful business ideas. Get business expertise and support to build your toolkit and drive your action plan. This is a hands-on, experiential, practical course dedicated to working on and launching your business idea.

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In only 10 weeks you will:

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Sandy is a passionate marketer, social entrepreneur and teacher. She spent the first seven years of her career in brand management at Procter & Gamble - learning to view the world through customers' eyes and building brands and programs that best meet their needs. She then switched her focus to the social and non-profit worlds. A member of the Imagitas founding team (a marketing services company that focused on public service through private enterprise), she led the build out of the organizational plan for a highly successful business. In 1998, Imagitas received a prestigious "Hammer Award" from then Vice President Al Gore for helping build a government that works better and costs less. In 2005, the company was acquired by Pitney Bowes.

Over the past twenty-eight years, Sandy has been an instructor at the college level in the fields of leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship and communications. Most recently, Sandy served as Assistant Dean at Harvard Kennedy School running the career services and internship office. Prior to going to the Kennedy School, she was teaching "Marketing for Social Change" at Tufts University and running an Entrepreneurial Training Program through the Center for Women & Enterprise. She has also done significant leadership, teamwork, fundraising and strategy training in both the private and non-profit sectors - past clients include NASA, General Motors and the Center for Women & Enterprise. Consistently, Sandy is able to help people create a vision and make it happen, whether individually or organizationally.

Sandy has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Communications from Northwestern University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior / Communications from Miami University (of Ohio) and a mid-career Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. She served on the board of the Center for Women & Enterprise in Boston, on the Alumni Advisory Board at Northwestern University and as a strategic advisor to Bantwana, an organization dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Africa thrive. She is the past Vice Chairman of the Lincoln Massachusetts School Board.
She stays active with her family of 5 children and many pets. They are all active snowboarders, rock climbers and adventurers. 

Liza Millet

Liza is an experienced financial/consulting professional, passionate about startups and creating opportunities in Jackson. She has worked with a number of startup businesses, both on strategy, fund raising and business development.  Before moving to Jackson, Liza spent 12 years on Wall Street on the investment side of the business.  She started her career at Cowen & Company, worked at Goldman Sachs, and helped grow three startup hedge fund businesses in New York.  She is the co-founder of Silicon Couloir, a Jackson-based non-profit whose mission is to nurture entrepreneurship in the greater Teton region.  She also co-founded and runs the Silicon Couloir Angel/Mentor network. Liza has an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and graduated from Dartmouth College.  Liza lives in Jackson with her family.

Functional experts will be regularly brought in to teach different segments of the program.   



The cost of the Start Up Intensive is $5000. This includes 10 weeks of classes and 10 hours of individual consulting time with a host of experts after the classroom time ends. Various payment plans are available.

Financial assistance is available.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has funding available for Wyoming residents. If you are a Wyoming resident, you may be eligible for up to $2000 toward the cost of the class. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. If you are interested in applying for training funds please contact us as soon as possible for specific instructions on how to apply. Now accepting applications.



Learn from Proven Experts.

1. Identify and articulate the key need and benefit of your idea. You’ll learn to write clear and compelling concept statements that will allow you to easily test how to best position, communicate and market your idea. You will test and optimize the character statement for your idea. Understanding the underlying compelling reason why people will want to use your product or service and learning how to clearly communicate it can often be the difference between success and failure.

2. Understand and define your target audience. Who do you focus on first and why? You’ll learn how to do the demographic, geographic and psychographic research to understand who is most likely to buy your product or service. This focus allows you to build more effective, precise marketing programs.

3. Analyze your competitive landscape. Who are your competitors? What do they do well? How long have they been in business? Where are the opportunities for you? Why? What can you learn from them? Key competitive information can insure you don’t recreate past mistakes. It also is essential for credibility when looking for outside funding. People want to know what already exists and how you will take advantage of opportunities both from a consumer need and a competitive opportunity perspective.

4. Conduct qualitative and quantitative research on your idea. Learn various techniques to get the most out of research. You will be asked to implement various research methods to truly hear and get feedback on your ideas, strategies and branding components. Products and services work when they are built from the perspective of the end user. You can only get that perspective from fundamental research.

5. Identify and build the core competencies of you and your team. What is your personal competitive advantage and what can you outsource? How does the vision of owning your own business fit in with the broader vision of all of your life roles? How do you make it all balance? How do you hire the best team for the job? Who best synergizes with your strengths?

6. Build effective financial models and cash flow projections for your idea. Where are the leverage points? Where are the financial pitfalls? How much money do you need? When? Are there various ways to finance and build the idea? What are the impacts of these scenarios?

7. Create and research the P’s of marketing. What is your pricing strategy? Promotional strategy and plan? Where can you best focus your idea? How important is place? Are there any broader policy impacts that could support your idea?

8. Finalize your strategic plan and timeline for implementation. Ultimately, you will roll up all the work you’ve done into a roadmap for implementation with timelines and decision points. You now are ready to energetically walk down the road less traveled.

Overall Tangibles You’ll Walk Away With:


Q & A

Like getting your MBA in 10 weeks.

What stage should I be in with my business idea to get the most out of this program?

We have had people with long-standing businesses go through the program as well as people with just the spark of an idea.  In either case, and everything in between, this program allows people to jumpstart their business through learning and applying strong business, finance and marketing frameworks to their plans.

How much time does the program take?

The program requires 3 8-hour formal days of class per week for 10 weeks.  There is also 5-10 hours of individual homework per week.  To be clear, this course is a commitment.  At the end, you will have a well thought through business plan with a clear roadmap for implementation, but it takes significant time and work on your part.

How many people are in a class?

We typically have 14 people in a class.  The support and connection that evolve between participants (of all backgrounds and ideas) is another significant benefit of the program.  These relationships endure, providing support and advisors for each other long after the program ends.

What is the main reason I should participate in this program?

If you are motivated to have your own business, think of this program as the Boot Camp or Spring Training to get yourself in shape for entrepreneurship.  You will learn the entrepreneurial frameworks to turn an idea into a successful business.  You will meet and learn from experts in key areas where you may need support.  You will build an internal support group of other entrepreneurs who will join you on your journey.  Lastly, think of this program as giving yourself the permission to do the planning before you jump into action.  Sometimes starting more thoughtfully allows you to speed forward later from a much stronger foundation.

Can I participate in just part of the program?

We feel it is very important for people to commit to the 3 day a week/10 week format.  It's important for a participant to be in the mindset of being a part of an intense program in order to build out their idea.  As we build the Start Up Intensive for the future, we will look into creating shorter, more specific modules.

Can other team members of my organization also attend?

Additional team members can attend.  We will work with you on an individual basis to understand what works best for your organization and for the program.

Cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $5000.  This includes 10 weeks of classes (3 days a week) and 10 hours of individual consulting time with a host of experts after the classroom time ends.  Various payment plans are available. 

Is financial assistance available?

Central Wyoming College has financial assistance available for the Start Up Intensive! Certain restrictions may apply.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has funding available for Wyoming residents. If you are a Wyoming resident, you may be eligible for up to $2000 toward the cost of the class. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. If you are interested in applying for training funds please contact us as soon as possible for specific instructions on how to apply. Now accepting applications.

Can I get college credit for this course?

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive 18 college credits in Entrepreneurship from Central Wyoming College.

I don’t live anywhere near Jackson, WY.  Can I still take this course?

Yes!  The course is open to anyone from anywhere and diversity will only make the class more interesting.  The class will be held in Jackson’s “off-season” which means it’s an easy time to find short-term affordable lodging and dining in Jackson.

Will there be any other incentives in the program?

Yes.  At the end of the program, any qualified growth capital ideas seeking capital will be welcome to present in front of the Silicon Couloir Angel/Mentor group, a local angel group in Jackson, WY.  Furthermore, qualified plans will be eligible to apply for a presenting spot at the Silicon Couloir annual Pitch Day, held in Jackson every summer. 



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“I wanted to start a business but didn’t know enough information to do it on my own. SUI is a brilliant, well thought out program that makes it possible to see, analyze, solve and act in a constructive manner.”

“I can not imagine a better program. It is impressive. It has a clear goal and meets it.”

“This program saved me so much spinning my wheels. It’s like night and day in terms of how far I’ve come. I’ve told many people that it’s a MUST for anyone who wants to start a business”

“Very strong program….I would take it again. Even if I know the things taught, the structure, feedback and community are invaluable.”

“Without question an incredible experience especially in such a short time frame. Incredible range of (outside) speakers – one of the highlights of class.”

“I really feel like I’m walking away with such a great foundation for my business. I also love the community and connections that I have found here.”

“Thanks so much!! This class was a huge gift to me!”